Where to find every King's Fall secret chest in Destiny 2

Where to find every King’s Fall secret chest in Destiny 2

There are three Secret Chests you can find in The King’s Fall Raid. When they are opened the chests will drop armor of high-status or raid mods and weapons. But, they can drop products you’ve already-gotten. In this guide, you will know Where to find every King’s Fall secret chest in Destiny 2

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Where to find every King’s Fall secret chest in Destiny 2

In the next section we’ve provided the actual locations of all three Secret Chests in the King’s Autumn raid:

secret Chest #1

This one is located following the jumping area with many ships. You must get to the middle of the zone in order to climb on two plates to go over the barrier. Just before the barrier, you will need to leap onto a tiny ledge that is on the left. It is necessary to keep going up until you reach a tiny door on the right. The chest should be within the door.

Secret Chest #2
It is your responsibility to beat Golgoroth and then enter the maze. There are five plates in the maze, and they need 5 players to be upon them and in the correct order. If you stand on the right plate the green color will show. The image below determines the actual locations of the plates and the numbers are the order you have to be positioned on the plates. The chest is within the maze.

Secret Chest #3
This need you to go through the second jump section – the push-walls that follow Golgoroth. Once you reach the first plate, do not jump towards the location where there are enemies. Instead, take a leap towards an upper pillar. After that, you can pull out your Ghost to show invisible platforms that you will need to climb to access the chest within the small space. It’s an amazing idea to shoot a Gjallarhorn toward the enemies below since they could be a problem.

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