Where to find Doctor Strange in Fortnite

Where to find Doctor Strange in Fortnite

Doctor Strange has finally made it to the NPC list to be found in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. And here’s where you can find this Sorcerer Supreme. # Where to find Doctor Strange in Fortnite

One of the main events during the season was the introduction of Doctor Strange in Fortnite. Epic Games added the Strange skin as part of the 100 levels Battle Pass skin.

However, in the most recent Fortnite update 20.30, the Sorcerer Supreme is walking on the island too. Doctor Strange has set foot on the island as an NPC, and it shows that he may need to utilize one of his spells to aid the Seven.

If you’re thinking of going to see Doctor Strange, here’s where you can play Doctor Strange in Fortnite.

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Where to find Doctor Strange in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is slowly advancing towards its conclusion and it shows that we’ll soon witness a major end to this war. The most recent update features the debut of Doctor Strange as a Fortnite NPC, and it’s not clear what his role is at present.

The twenty-third NPC for this year’s season. People who want to encounter Doctor Strange in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 will find him in The Daily Bugle’s points of attention. The Sorcerer Supreme will be roaming around at the top of the biggest building, located to the left of the building.

There are three items to sell including three items for sale, including the Exotic Storm Scout sniper for 500 gold, 2 Shockwave Grenades for 36 Gold, and the Rift for 250 gold. Like other NPCs who are available, you can seek the role of Doctor Strange to see what you can get from him when he is defeated.

It’s been found that Strange isn’t too dependent on guns, since the only weapon he has is a Common Auto Shotgun, one Common Ranger Assault Rifle, as well as a variety of AR ammunition. If you’re looking to complete your Character Collection for the season then you must at least get in touch with Strange at least once.

There is a chance that Strange could get his own set of missions at some point. This is only speculation, and he could play another role.

It is still exciting to be able to Doctor Strange finally arriving in Fortnite. Be sure to go visit Doctor Strange. # Where to find Doctor Strange in Fortnite

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