When Spotify Wrapped 2022 Come Out?

Spotify Wrapped is basically a tool that gives us to see the full information about our most loved artists, bands, and songs. Also, we’ll be able to look at the playlists we’ve enjoyed the most over the period of 2022. The most appealing aspect of it is once we view it in the Spotify Wrapped 2022 round-up. We will be pleasantly surprised by the same format as Snapchat’s Reels and Snapchat Stories, so it’s visually attractive. And people would like to know when it will be Spotify Wrapped 2022. Or what date it will be to be exact? Here, you’ll find out when Spotify Wrapped be released in more detail.

When is Spotify Wrapped 2022?

When Spotify Wrapped 2022 Come Out?

If you want to discover the songs you have been listening to the most during 2022 on Spotify it is easy to get it done by using Spotify Wrapped. Spotify Wrapped feature on the platform. This is an initiative that lets us get a summary of the most played-to songs this year.

According to some reports, Spotify Wrapped 2022 will be available by the end of the month, which is October 31, 2022. However, this date has still not been confirmed by Spotify and Spotify users must be sure to take these rumors with a pinch of salt, naturally.

In any event, if Spotify Wrapped 2022 becomes available on the platform Here’s how you can connect to it from Android and iPhone.

How to Access Spotify Wrapped

  • Start Spotify. Launch the Spotify app from your Android or iOS device like iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to the Home Screen of Spotify.
  • There’s an ad with the message “Your 2021 Wrapped”, click it to play your entire playlist.
  • You can look up “Wrapped” in the search bar on Spotify.
  • After that, tap the banner to access Spotify Wrapped “Story”.
  • In this section, you’ll be able to view the entire custom statistics.

In addition, there is another option to go to spotify.com/wrapped and then login into the Spotify account. The website will take users through the 2021 music timeline, including the artists and songs that you’ve been listening to, right down to the time that you were listening on Spotify in 2021.

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  1. Moi says:

    I cant see my wrapped, when i search it i only can see a playlist with songs i listen the most

  1. October 17, 2022

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