WhatsApp has recently disabled the Voice View form feature in Android

WhatsApp will introduce 'View once' features soon

WhatsApp has recently removed and disabled the Voice View form feature in Android phone voice messages.

A very interesting feature for voice messaging ‘Voice View Form’ in its latest beta version recently introduced by WhatsApp, but WhatsApp has started removing it a few days later. But what happened is that WhatsApp is now disabling this feature for its Android users? WhatsApp has begun temporarily removing this interface.

According to the technology website Webeta Info, many users complained about the feature, although its interface was excellent, but users said it was not possible to forward voice messages through the second bar. The color of the voice view form was not very prominent in the dark mode.

Regarding the removal of this feature, the WhatsApp administration says that the Voice View form feature was still in the testing stages and has been removed following complaints. However, this feature can be re-introduced soon

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