What’s new in the Google Meet Hand Raising feature

What's new in the Google Meet Hand Raising feature

Google introduced a hands-on feature for users on its video conferencing service Meet in November last year, which helped users in business meetings, conferences, and online classes.

This feature lets you see the Hand Raise button in Google Meet’s options. If you need to ask a question or answer any question, you can speak by selecting the Hand Raise option. Everyone else listens.

However, after finishing the talk, you have to select the automatic hand-down option so that people can understand that your talk is over.

Users will no longer have to hand down, according to a new update from Google Meet. After selecting the Hand Raise option, other people in the meeting will receive an audio notification, which will automatically hand down when you finish speaking.

On the other hand, the hand-raising icon and animation have been further improved so that users can see it clearly.

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