Warzone VPN Not Working? How To Fix That

Warzone VPN Not Working? How To Fix That

If you’ve tried to connect to the Warzone VPN for the first time or tried it before, but it has suddenly stopped working and you’re at the right spot. In this post, we’ll go over some troubleshooting tips and recommendations to fix “Warzone VPN Not Working”

We compared some of the most popular VPNs including Warzone and we came up with some common issues and a few easy fixes to the issues. Take a look at our troubleshooting tips below for a quick solution to your Warzone VPN problems.

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Warzone VPN Not Working? How To Fix That

Warzone VPN Not Working? How To Fix That

In our tests, we found several issues that were consistent. If your VPN isn’t functioning with Warzone it cannot find an open lobby and instead is trying to find an opponent. Another issue occurs when the game is capable of joining the lobby, but the speed is so high that it’s impossible to play. Another issue we encountered was that even following a successful lobby join, even with an extremely low ping it wasn’t always easy in swaying the game’s SBMM (skill-dependent matchmaking) into allowing us to join an automated lobby.

However, we came up with some solutions to troubleshooting that could be used to solve all VPN problems that are causing Warzone issues.

Warzone VPN not Working for PlayStation and Xbox

Gaming consoles, the troubleshooting procedures are basically identical to those on PC. However, how they are implemented is quite different.

Use these instructions to solve your VPN issue for Warzone for consoles:

  1. Clean all Warzone app cache of data from your console’s settings for apps.
  2. Join the VPN server via your router, and then test the connection to your network in the settings of your console. If the speed is not sufficient or the latency excessive, you can look for a server in the area you live in.
  3. On PlayStation ensure that your network type will be “type 2”. On Xbox, the NAT type should be “open”.
  4. Switch to change the VPN protocol for “OpenVPN” or “WireGuard”. You can select the VPN protocol from the VPN settings of your router.

VPN is not functioning on Warzone on PC

On your PC, you can attempt these troubleshooting methods to resolve your Warzone VPN issues:

  1. Clear the cache in your browser and see whether your IP address changed following the connection with your VPN server. You can verify the IP address of your computer by clicking here.
  2. Perform the testing of your speed when connecting via your VPN server. If you experience that you are experiencing a high-speed ping while conducting the test, connect to another VPN server in a place that is physically near you. Then, repeat the test.
  3. Check that the NAT type has been set to “open”.
  4. Change your VPN protocol from “OpenVPN” or “WireGuard”. You can alter the VPN protocol via your VPN application settings.

The Final Suggestion

If you’ve tried our troubleshooting methods but your VPN is not working properly with Warzone It’s possible it’s because your network isn’t designed to play games with low latency. In this instance, we recommend using an established and tried gaming VPN. We strongly recommend trying NordVPN an attempt. It’s the most efficient VPN we’ve tested. It also had the lowest pings during our tests, too.

What is the reason my VPN not working with Warzone?

There are a variety of things that can lead to issues when using a VPN using Warzone. For starters, there aren’t all VPNs that are able enough to support high-speed or low-ping gaming. If you select the VPN server that’s far away from your location and you’ll experience high ping, even when you have the top VPN worldwide. Thirdly, Activision can and sometimes may prohibit IP addresses for unsavory behavior.

These issues are mostly present in low-quality VPNs. The top VPNs spend more money on their servers. This eliminates high speeds and low ping issues that are usually caused by poor-quality servers. Additionally, they utilize residential IPs to ensure that Activision isn’t capable of identifying and blocking the IPs. Residential IPs are very difficult to block since it appears that they are legitimate.

How do I fix the high-ping issue on Warzone servers

We have discussed previously the issue of latency, you must take note of the distance you have between your current place of residence and your VPN server. If you do experience high pings on Warzone. All you have to change to the VPN server that is more close to you.

As an example, suppose you’re located in the US and connected to a VPN server located in Australia. You’ll experience the same high ping regardless of the reason. Because the data packets transferred back and forward between your computer with the VPN server have to travel an extensive distance.

Warzone VPN bot lobby method isn’t working? Try this

If you’re having trouble getting into bot-friendly lobbies with VPN, try the VPN method, you can try our alternative method. We’ve thoroughly tested this method and are able to confirm that it’s effective without issue.

In the beginning, you must know the specific timezone that your VPN server is situated. You must find the VPN server in an area that is 6:00 between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM. This is because in dawn hours there are fewer Warzone players. There aren’t enough players available to fill a lobby that is matched in skill. If there aren’t enough people in the lobby ignore SBMM and populate the lobby with lower-level bots and players.

You can now go out to improve your K/D skills, make some wins or simply practice. Great idea!

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