Warzone: How to Level Up Guns Fast And Quickest Weapon XP strategies

Warzone: How to Level Up Guns Fast And Quickest Weapon XP strategies

Warzone: How to Level Up Guns Fast And Quickest Weapon XP strategies

There are a lot of great weapons to wield in Call of Duty: Warzone, and they all perform better with the correct attachments. In Warzone Pacific, these are the fastest ways to level up Modern Warfare, Cold War, and Vanguard weapons.

In Call of Duty, leveling up can take many forms, including a new season’s Battle Pass, trying to attain a new Prestige Level, or upgrading the weapons themselves. The many of attachments provide significant gameplay benefits, thus players are naturally eager to unlock them for their favorite and greatest weaponry in Warzone.

Vanguard’s weapons have roughly 70 levels each, so leveling them takes a long time. Several methods for gaining quick XP have surfaced in the past, but Warzone’s developers have always been quick to squash them.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a number of consistent and quick ways to level up weapons in Warzone, ensuring that your weapons reach their maximum level in no time.

Fastest ways to level up weapons in Warzone

Complete Warzone Contracts

When everyone arrives at Caldera or Rebirth Island, the area is brimming with contracts that players can take advantage of. These are optional tasks that players can undertake in order to gain additional XP and money during the game.

The following contracts can be picked up and completed in Warzone’s battle royale mode:

  • Bounty
  • Big Game Bounty
  • Most Wanted
  • Recon
  • Scavenger
  • Supply Drop
  • Supply Run

Completing these tasks will earn you additional XP that will contribute to your weapon of choice as long as you have your weapon equipped.

We prefer doing Supply Runs in Helicopters or Cars because you’ll gain a lot of XP just traveling around the region.

Play Plunder & Rebirth Island – NOT Battle Royale

That’s OK if you want to use your finished weaponry to rack up some major Call of Duty: Warzone points. However, if you’re still working on the greatest Warzone loadouts, we don’t recommend playing battle royale.

Your odds of receiving your own weapons have been substantially reduced due to Warzone Pacific’s Loadout Drop delay. There’s no assurance that you’ll retrieve your weapons because you’ll have to endure for nearly seven minutes using weaponry found on the floor.

Instead, play some of Warzone’s respawn-friendly scenarios like Plunder or Rebirth Island, which allow players to either spawn in with their weapons or receive a Loadout Drop early. In these respawn game types, you should be able to get a lot more kills.

Get kills in the pre-game lobby

Getting kills in the pre-game lobby will offer you a great XP boost to start the match, even though it won’t give you much advancement.

As the timer counts down, many players will either fall to the ground or float down in a straight line.

This is a solid sign that the player is not in the game and is probably distracted by their phone while waiting for the game to start. Kills in the pre-match lobby, however, still award you with XP, thus there is an opportunity for you to gain some cheeky XP.

Take advantage of Double XP weekends & Tokens

Around major updates, Call of Duty developers generally give Double XP weekends, where players may gain Double Weapon, Battle Pass, Operator, and normal XP.

We recommend equipping the weapons you wish to level up during these weekends because you’ll gain a huge boost without using any of your Double XP Tokens.

You may even use these Double XP Tokens when there isn’t a Double XP weekend going on.

Use the Surplus Perk on Vanguard guns 

The Surplus Perk comes standard with Vanguard, and it increases your earned XP by 1.5x.

Make sure you have Surplus enabled on any weapon you wish to level up, and you’ll gain a lot more XP. Plus, this stacks with Double XP weekends, allowing you to earn about three times the standard XP.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

# Warzone: How to Level Up Guns Fast And Quickest Weapon XP strategies

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