The Facebook SmartWatch will be launched next year

The Facebook SmartWatch will be launched next year

The Facebook SmartWatch will be launched next year

Facebook’s smartwatch will go on sale next year though Facebook has not announced it, technology experts and websites have claimed it will go on sale next year.

According to the popular website The Verge, the Facebook SmartWatch will have two cameras installed. 

They allow users to create photos and videos. These photos and videos will then be instantly posted on Instagram and Facebook. The Verge describes it as follows:

The 1080q camera on the front will be used for video calling, the watch can be separated from the box and the rear camera here will be used to take front video or pictures, the watch frame is made of metal on which the watch can fit and it can be detached, but the watch can be mounted on the backpack or the front of the car dashboard. For this, Facebook is also signing agreements with several companies.

Facebook hint

Although Facebook has not officially announced its smartwatch, Andrew Bosworth, head of AR, VR research at the company, wrote in a tweet: ‘We’re working on a technology that makes real sense. I also include an adaptive interface and optic (sensing) systems and yes, we are also considering wristbands.

Earlier this year, Facebook also mentioned the AR invention used on the wrist, and according to analysts, it could be a smartwatch. One thing is for sure, the smartwatch will be equipped with an ‘electromyography’ or EMG system in which the electrical signals of the hand muscles can be read.

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