Spotify Wrapped for YouTube Music

Spotify Wrapped for YouTube Music

Spotify Wrapped for YouTube Music

YouTube Music isn’t as well-known as Apple Music or Spotify, but it’s still a great way to listen to music. Google is releasing its own version of the 2021 Recap to make its customers happy by taking them on a musical journey down memory lane.

Every year, Spotify users look forward to Spotify Wrapped because it allows them to see what they listened to the most and provides them with exciting playlists featuring their favorite songs. Users of YouTube Music can now have some fun with the new 2021 Recap, which has similar features to Spotify but isn’t quite as interesting due to the smaller user base.

You can watch your favorite artists, songs, music videos, and playlists from the previous year with the new 2021 Recap.

You must have the YouTube Music app loaded in order to use the new function. You’ll be directed to download the app if you try to access it through the website. You can see the recap on this page if you’re using an Android or Apple device.

In a blog post, Google defined their 2021 Recap as follows:

To celebrate our dedicated community of music lovers, we’ve even included top playlists made by our very own YouTube Music listeners! The 2021 Recap also highlights your recent music discoveries and lets you listen to your favorites of the year in a personalized 2021 Recap playlist. Your personalized 2021 Recap playlist and stats can easily be shared with your friends and others by simply tapping the arrow at the bottom of your stats card.

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