Spotify Wrapped 2022: How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022: How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here! The day when you can find out what your music listening habits are in 2022.

The streaming service revealed its annual colorful and Instagrammable package on Wednesday (30 November). It calculates all of your personal data in order to provide a customized accounting of your top songs, artists, and playlists for the past year.

Spotify Wrapped can be found for anyone who has an account. However, it is sometimes difficult to find. Billboard has your back. The 2022 Spotify Wrapped can only be accessed via the Spotify mobile app, just like last year. You can download the app by going to as usual.

After you log in to your mobile, your personal look back at 2022 will appear on your home screen. It will include the message “Your 2022 Wrapped Is Here” underneath your six most recent listens. The “Audio Day” feature this year tracks how users listen to music throughout the day. It also shows you what type of music you listen to over the day.

Wrapped’s latest feature is “music personality,” a Myers-Briggs-style personality assessment that uses four-letter codes to break down your music listening habits and assign you one of 16 categories. Each Personality gets its own colorful card, perfect for sharing on social media. Spotify also includes messages from Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and others in which they express gratitude to fans for listening enough to their music to be included in the Wrapped mix.

Wrapped this year includes an annual rundown and a creator experience for artists and podcasters. Artist Wrapped is now in its sixth season. It includes several new features, including “Your Artist messages,” a Wrapped video feed that is personalized to each listener; and “Spotlight” merchandise and ticketing, which for the first time sees personalized offerings integrated into Wrapped Hub and promoted via in-app notifications to top fans.

Click the icon to be taken on a fun adventure through all your favorite music from 2022.

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