Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide: All Skills

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide: All Skills: Huntress is available after you have completed the third stage of the teleporter without dying in Risk Of Rain 2. Huntress is one of the most complicated characters in the game. Huntress can be devastating at long range and supports sharpshooters. Although her long cooldowns can be annoying. You will soon get used to them and you will dominate your enemies.

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Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide: All Skills

Risk of Rain 2 Huntress Guide: All Skills

Huntress can use many items effectively. Harvester’s Scythe and Medkit can help Huntress not to die immediately. Energy Drink and Goat’s Hole increase mobility and make it easier to dodge attacks. You can also use items like Cautious Slug and Bustling Fungus to provide healing beyond combat. Foreign Fruit is useful for the first few days of your child’s life.

In the late stages of a character’s life, items such as Alien Head and Bandolier Magazine are extremely useful. You should strive to scale them as much as possible. The Hardlight Afterburner increases agility. Hopoo Feather and Old War Stealth Kit increase mobility and speed. Gasoline, Happiest Mask, and Will-o-Wisp can be used to help you direct your gaze to another target after you have killed someone.


This skill allows you to shoot a seek arrow and do 150% damage. This skill is extremely important when you first get her. A skill that doesn’t have a cooldown can prove to be much more useful than long cooldown skills. Strafe will not be of much use in a later time period. You can also use this skill when sprinting.

Laser Glaive

A glaive can be shot by the skill and does up to 250% of damage. You can bounce the glaive up to six times, and each bounce deals 10% damage. This skill has a cooldown of 7-seconds. And is mostly used to deal with multiple enemies. This skill is very useful against crowds, but it requires you to be able to predict their movements so that the shot does maximum damage.

This skill is useful for scouting. Throw speed is increased by increasing attack speed. Laser Glaive can be used in both the early and late periods. While the cooldown can be difficult to manage, other skills can also be helpful during its cooling session.


This skill allows you to teleport far ahead. This skill has a seven-second cooldown. This ability makes you invisible, so enemies will focus their attention on someone else during your teleportation. This skill can be combined with damage skills to confuse enemies.

Arrow Rain

This skill allows you to teleport up to any area where you wish to drop arrows. It does 225% damage and slows down enemies. This skill has a 14-second cooldown. This skill can be used to deal with crowds. This skill can be used to manage crowds if you are being pushed into a corner. After a while, you will be suspended in the air for a time before falling back to earth. Before falling, you can use your Blink skill.

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