PUBG PS4 Controls: How to Aim in PUBG on PS4

PUBG PS4 Controls: How to Aim in PUBG on PS4

PUBG PS4 Controls: PUBG is the most popular game and its full name is “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS”. In this game, each round has 100 players’ participation. Then they will land on different grounds and indifferent where they want to play this game. After that, they have to survive and only one person who survives in 100 players will be won the game.

The young generation has a great craze and trend of this game and if you are looking for Controls of PS4, we guide you step by step.

Here’s how they work: 

  • For the Third person aim in PUBG PS4 you have to hold the left trigger down.
  • For the First person scoped in PUBG PS4 you have to tap the left trigger and Tap again to release. 

Here are the default controls of PUBG PS4 and a breakdown of the basics: 

  • First, we have the basic controls, and it provide you to change grenade throwing motion from a lob to underarm, and through using left on the D-pad, it will change firing modes.
  • Second, we have aim you can observe instruction through below image.
  • So for vehicle control, you can change seats if you wrong side or in wrong side of wrong car.
  • You can use controls navigation as you can see in below image.
  • It also have option of inventory in the control.
  • Finally we have swimming option in the control and through that dive, float and look.

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