PS5 Update 22.01- Available to Download Now

PS5 Update 22.01- Available to Download Now

PS5 Update 22.01- Available to Download Now

Sony recently released the firmware version 22.01- PlayStation5. This update introduces a small but not universal change. Below are all details about the new PS5 firmware update 22.01-

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PS5 Update 22.01- Available to Download Now

Sony has just released the PS5 firmware version 22.01- This introduces a small novelty, but it is not for everyone.

The patch is now available to download and weighs in at just over 1GB. It adds support for ALLM or the Auto Low Latency Mod. You can modify the ALLM settings from the console options on TVs with this feature.

The update will improve the system’s performance and may fix some minor bugs that we don’t know about.

These are the PS5 patch notes for 22.01-

Make sure that your PS5 software is always up-to-date to enjoy the best PlayStation Experience. For more information, visit (Settings), the online user’s guide for your PS5.

This system software update contains the following main features:

  1. You can adjust ALLM settings if your TV supports ALLM (auto-low latency mode).
  2. When you select [Automatic], your TV automatically switches to low-latency mode when you play games.
  3. Select [Off] to disable ALLM, but it will still work during VRR (variable refreshing rate) output.
  4. System performance is improved by this system software update

The new PS5 firmware can be downloaded to your console by following the steps above. You can now upload the files and the changes will be displayed again if needed.

Download the official PlayStation Website to get PS5 updates.

# PS5 Update 22.01- Available to Download Now

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