New World Gleamite Chunk Locations: How to Get Gleamite

New World Gleamite Chunk Locations: How to Get Gleamite

New World Gleamite Chunk Locations: How to Get Gleamite

New World, Amazon Games‘ open-world MMO, is kicking up its Winter Convergence Festival, which includes a slew of new activities as well as new armor sets, cosmetics, and weaponry.

Players may now mine for a new item called Gleamite, which they can then use to get special things, which is one of the many new elements added to the game as part of the festival.

With that out of the way, we’ll teach you where to discover Gleamite Chunks on New World so you may mine them for big amounts of Gleaming.

Where to Find Gleamite Chunk on New World

As previously stated, Gleamite may be obtained in New World by mining Gleamite Chunks, which can be found by tracking the trajectory of the many that will fall during Gleamite Showers, New World’s new dynamic event that will decorate the skies of Aeternum at various intervals throughout the day.

You’ll be able to spot the chunks on the ground quite readily after following the path because they’re large and radiate a strong purple glow.

With that out of the way, even if the showers do occur at random times and the debris falls in “random” locations, the game’s interactive map depicts numerous locations where the Gleamite Chunks will spawn.

Check out the locations listed below, which are included in the interactive map.

You can swap the Gleamite you earned by mining the Gleamite Chunks in any of the many Winter Village Holiday Huts scattered over Aeternum. After completing “Joy Recaptured,” anyone interested in starting the “Gleamite Crystals” quest can do so by visiting The Winter Wanderer.

Don’t forget to check out how to level up quickly, as well as where to find Fae Iron, Iron Ore, and Hemp now that you know where to find Gleamite Chunks on New World.

The PC version of Amazon Games’ New World is now available. The Winter Convergence Festival will take place in the game until January 11th, 2022.

# New World Gleamite Chunk Locations: How to Get Gleamite

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