Most Downloaded Apps in Brazil 2021

Most Downloaded Apps in Brazil 2021

Most Downloaded Apps in Brazil 2021

EmizenTech, a software development, and market research firm, has issued a list of the top downloaded apps in Brazil in 2021. Unlike in many other parts of the world, where social media tends to influence such rankings, the champions in this case are unique.

The survey gathered data on the most popular apps by country, category, operating system, and other areas relevant to the software industry’s understanding. The information presented is a compilation of information gleaned from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

Most Downloaded Apps in Brazil 2021

  1. Youtube: More than 10 billion downloads
  2. Instagram: Over 1 billion downloads
  3. cable: Over 1 billion downloads
  4. Shopee: Over 100 million downloads
  5. Kwai: Over 100 Million Downloads
  6. SHEIN: Over 100 million downloads
  7. iFood: More than 50 million downloads
  8. More than 10 million downloads
  9. ConnectSUS: Over 10 Million Downloads
  10. easy | Social Commerce: Over 1 Million Downloads

Shopee was one of the shocks, according to EmizenTech, because it has less time in Brazil but is already demonstrating its dominance in the retail category. In a similar vein, the company highlights Facility and its proposal to sell products at lower pricing.

The Connect SUS system, which allows residents to view data on immunizations, tests, and other medical information, is another notable feature. In September, the Ministry of Health platform exploded, but it has been down since last Friday (10).

How was the search done?

It’s worth noting that the research firm claims to have gotten the data from “trusted sources,” but doesn’t say what those sources are. There is also no precise data on the number of downloads for any platform.

The disappearance of some key applications. That regularly top the charts, such as Facebook social networking site and TikTok, Louisa Magazine, attracts attention to the statistics. The ranking, on the other hand. Provides an intriguing insight into the many sector champions and how competitors will have to compete against them.

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