Hulu Takes a Page From Spotify Wrapped

Hulu Takes a Page From Spotify Wrapped

Hulu Takes a Page From Spotify Wrapped

Spotify has turned into a monster. Many other services have introduced their own versions of a year-end wrap-up due to the popularity of its annual Wrapped experience, which allows customers to learn what they listened to the most during the year. Hulu’s latest example comes in the form of the launch of its website.

“This year, for the first time, Hulu is allowing users to request to see their own viewing DNA, as well as the tools to proudly disclose, if they so desire, their streaming personal – ‘Hu’ are you??” the firm states. (Let’s suppose we scattered the “sic” tags wherever they should go in that text, okay?)

The YourTVDNA website, according to Hulu, is geared to “breaking down everything from their most watched genres to how many films and episodes they streamed,” and “TV genes have never looked so sleek.” However, the website appears to be a Breaking Bad tie-in due to the combination of Hulu’s trademark colour and the science topic.

After logging in, you’ll see a breakdown of the genres you watched the most in 2021. These aren’t always well-known genres like “action” or “comedy.” “Supernatural” shows, for example, were the catalyst for our breakdown, but Hulu claims we also spent time watching “feel good adventures.”

A title based on those genres can be found by clicking through. (As an example, see ours.) Continuing to click through results in show suggestions based on that title, show recommendations based on that title, show recommendations based on that title in 2021, and movie recommendations based on that title. Finally, it gets down to business… sort of.

YourTVDNA provides subscribers with four types of data: the month in which they watched the most Hulu content, as well as the amount of shows, movies, and Hulu Originals they saw. The only other thing on this page of the report is a prompt (ours was “excellent work!”) and the option to share this information via social media on the last page.

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