How to use the Apple Music Voice Plan

How to use the Apple Music Voice Plan

In iOS 15, you may now subscribe to the Apple Music Voice Plan, which costs $5 per month and is Apple’s cheapest music streaming service. At $10 per month, the regular Apple Music subscription is a bit more. Subscribers to the Apple Music Voice Plan still get access to the complete Apple Music collection, but the app’s primary control is handled by Siri.

If you’ve ever used Siri on your best iPhone to connect with Apple Music, the Apple Music Voice Plan won’t be unfamiliar to you, but if you’re curious about how it all works, I’m here to explain everything. The Apple Music Voice Plan can be used in the following ways.

How the Music app works with Voice Plan

The Apple Music Voice Plan emphasizes utilizing Siri to interact with the interface, so the Music app looks a little different than usual. Listen Now, Radio, Library, and Search are the only four tabs to navigate, and each one operates identically to the usual Apple Music plan.

Listen Now: This tab displays personalized recommendations, playlists, and songs based on your musical preferences and what you’ve recently listened to on Apple Music. It also has some prompt suggestions for Siri right at the top.

Radio: Apple Music 1 — the 24/7 always-on radio station — as well as additional Apple Music Radio stations such as Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country — are accessible through the Radio tab.

Library: This page contains all of your personal music collection’s songs, albums, and playlists. With the Apple Music Voice Plan, you still have full access to your entire library, including any music you’ve purchased or playlists you’ve created.

Search: You may use Search to find a number of tracks, albums, and playlists by typing in any album, song, band, or genre. It’s a good place to browse the complete repertoire, but unlike with a basic Apple Music membership, you can’t play songs here; only previews are available.

How to play music with Voice Plan

You must use Siri to play the music that isn’t in your library if you have the Apple Music Voice Plan. You’ll have to ask Siri if you want to listen to a certain song or album. If you’ve ever used Siri with Apple Music, you’ll be familiar with this. Many of the prompts are similar to those you’ve probably already used. With the Voice Plan, you can use Siri to play music in a variety of ways.

Say anything along the lines of:

  1. “Hey Siri, play Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.”
  2. “Hey Siri, play the newest Snail Mail album.”
  3. “Hey Siri, play the Morning Coffee playlist.”
  4. “Hey Siri, play music for me.”
  5. “Hey Siri, play Mother Mother Essentials.”

It’s worth noting that Apple Music is getting hundreds of new activity-specific playlists and moods, allowing Voice Plan subscribers to select music that fits their mood or activity. You’ll be able to use phrases such as:

“Hey Siri, play the dinner party playlist” or “Hey Siri, play something chill.”

How to control playback

When you’re listening to music, you can control it without having to use Siri on the Now Playing screen. You can control playing by tapping your iPhone’s screen, but you can also use Siri if you like. Here are a few examples of how Siri can be used to control playing.

  1. “Hey Siri, play.”
  2. “Hey Siri, pause playback.”
  3. “Hey Siri, next track.”
  4. “Hey Siri, previous track.”
  5. “Hey Siri, turn on shuffle.”
  6. “Hey Siri, repeat song.”

Controlling playback with Siri is essentially the same as it is with the other Apple music plans.

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