How to use Sneaky Goblin in Clash of Clans

How to use Sneaky Goblin in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular online game in which players win battles by using Dark Elixir troops, Elixir troops, and spells. The game’s newest addition is the boost feature, which requires 25,000 Dark Elixir or Super Potion to transform troops into Super Troops. # How to use Sneaky Goblin in Clash of Clans

Regular army units like Dragons, Witches, and Minions benefit from the boost feature, which not only increases their hitpoints and damage but also gives them a diverse set of skills that make them ideal for attacks. We’ll talk about Sneaky Goblin, one of the most popular Super Troops for trophy pushing, in this article.

How to use Sneaky Goblin in Clash of Clans

A closer look at Sneaky Goblin in Clash of Clans

As the name implies, the Sneaky Goblin is a boosted variant of the Goblin troop with invisibility. The Sneaky Goblin can be unlocked once the Goblins have been upgraded to level 7 and the Town Hall has been upgraded to at least level 11. The Sneaky Goblin’s in-game description is as follows:

“Sneaky Goblins have a talent going unnoticed for a while after being deployed. It’s usually the incredibly loud sound of resources being pilfered that gives them away.”

The Sneaky Goblin is a stronger version of the Goblin, dealing more damage and having a higher total hitpoint. It has the Cloak ability, which makes it invisible for 5 seconds after being deployed during an attack.

It prioritizes in-game resource buildings like Town Hall and Clan Castle over all other targets, ignoring all enemy structures and forces while resource buildings remain on the battlefield. Once all resource buildings, such as gold and elixir collectors, have been destroyed, Sneaky Goblins will attack the nearest building to them, regardless of its type.

A Super Potion or 25000 Dark Elixir can be used to temporarily boost Goblins for three days. Once a player has boosted the Goblins, they can attack with them.

How to use Sneaky Goblin in Clash of Clans?

  • These work well against bases that prioritize protecting their Town Hall over their collectors and storages.
  • The Battle Blimp can be used to approach the Town Hall, where the Sneaky Goblins can be easily dispatched.
  • Sneaky Goblins can use Jump Spells to get into Wall-protected areas like a resource collector, Clan Castle, or Town Hall.
  • Sneaky Goblins can be used in conjunction with Haste Spells to penetrate deeper into a base and maximize the cloak’s benefits.

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