How to Use Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS

How to Use Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS

If you are looking for switching your Snapchat to Dark Mode then here, we bring the easy and quick method about How to use Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS. Through this guide, you step by step and set your Snapchat to dark mode.

In 2020, Snapchat released dark mode on iOS and they also tested the app with a small group of users.

Lets get started:

How to Switch to Dark Mode on Snapchat

Quick and easy process to enable dark mode on app. Here’s is the step-by-step guide

First of all, go to your Snapchat app and check your app is up to date. If it isn’t, then open your App Store and find the app, then click on Update.

Open the app at the top-left corner of the screen you find the Avatar then just tap on it. This will lead you to your Snapchat profile.

In the next step at the top-right corner, you will find the settings icon and then tap on it. This will lead you to the long list of settings

After that you need to Scroll down to find App Appearance, when you find it, then just select it. (Still didn’t find the App Appearance setting, then maybe you are using an older version it means that the dark mode feature is most likely not yet available on your app.)

If it’s all okay you find the setting and then you will see three options: Match SystemAlways Light, and Always Dark.

You need to Tap on Always Dark, to enable the dark mode.

Select the Match System option if your phone is already on dark mode. Because then this will help Snapchat to match your phone’s settings.

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