How to use Immersive View in Zoom

How to use Immersive View in Zoom Call

Settings for Immersive View on Zoom:

  • The setting for Immersive view turned on by default
  • But to use this you have to choose to access it because it is not the default view in the Zoom app
  • Now go to the web version of Zoom and then you have to log into your Zoom account
  • Then navigate to Settings > In Meeting (Advanced)
  • After that to find the Immersive View option, you have to scroll down
  • It should be already be enabled but not then switch it to turn on

How to use Immersive View on a Zoom call

  • Now you can enjoy and use the new feature in your next Zoom call but the only Host that can use Immersive View
  • Go to the View option in the top right corner and you can see the Immersive View option is available
  • Then Click on this to use backgrounds

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