How to Turn Off Blue Light on your iPhone

How to Turn Off Blue Light on your iPhone

How to Turn Off Blue Light on your iPhone

We’ve all seen how our iPhones can keep us awake at night — that “one last YouTube video” can develop into an hour-long marathon that sends us to bed way too late. But that isn’t the only thing keeping us awake.

Blue light, which your iPhone’s screen emits almost continually, has been shown in studies to have negative impacts on our bodies. Blue light interferes with your body’s production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing chemical in your brain.

While some may advise completely eliminating screen time at night, another option is to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your iPhone display.

Here’s how to turn off the blue light on your iPhone, either permanently or on a day and night timer.

Turn Off the Blue Light on an iPhone

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Scroll down to the third list of settings and hit “Display and Brightness,” the third item on the list.
  3. Scroll down to “Night Shift” and tap it.
  4. You have two choices from here.
  5. Toggle the blue light filter on till sunrise tomorrow morning by tapping “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow.”
  6. Another option is Toggle on the toggle button next to “Scheduled.” Leave it alone if you enjoy the automatic timetable, which runs from sunset to sunrise.
  7. If it doesn’t work, tap it again and move on to next steps
  8. Go to the scheduling screen by tapping the “From/To” tab.
  9. Set the parameters here if you want Night Shift to turn on and off at the same times every day.
  10. Finally, if you like, go back to the Night Shift option and change the hue of your Night Shift from “Less Warm” to “More Warm.” The less blue light your screen emits, the warmer it is.

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