How to Take Screenshot on Mac (New MacBook Air)

How to Take Screenshot on Mac (New MacBook Air)

Are you thinking of how you can take a picture on the brand new MacBook Air? This is the right place since in this post we’ll look at the different options available for taking screenshots using macOS. When you take screenshots, you’ll be able to share your work easily with other people. There are keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots with your Mac. Learn How to Take Screenshot on Mac (New MacBook Air) here.

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How to Take Screenshot on Mac (New MacBook Air)

There are many ways to make different kinds of screenshots with the Mac (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and more.) If you’ve installed the most recent version of your operating system, this screen-capturing tool offers a user-friendly interface with a variety of options for recording. Choose the method that best is suitable for you and then record the screen in the form of video or image capture.

Method 1: How to Take a Screenshot on the latest MacBook Air

  • If you have a MacBook Air, you have to press the keys Shift+Command+3 together on your keyboard.
  • The screen capture will be displayed in the corner of your screen. Simply click on the thumbnail to edit the screen.
  • However, the screenshot will be immediately saved to your desktop within a couple of seconds.

Method 2: How do you take a screenshot of the window of the Mac?

To capture a particular window on the screen, you can make use of the keyboard shortcuts below:

  • Press Shift+Command+4 keys in conjunction using your keyboard.
  • After that, you press the space bar to turn your mouse into the camera.
  • Click on the desired window to capture a picture with the camera.
  • The image will then show on your screen.

Method 3: How do you capture screenshots of a specific portion of the screen using a Mac?

To take a screenshot of a small portion of your screen with the latest MacBook Air 2021, follow the steps below to learn a keyboard shortcut.

  • Press Shift+Command+4 keys in conjunction with your keyboard.
  • It is evident how the mouse can transform into a cross pointer.
  • Press that left button at the place you wish to begin the selection then drags the cross-pointer over the entire screen.
  • After the selection at the end of the selection, let go of the mouse left button.
  • You’ll then be able to see the image on your computer.

This is all you need to be aware of about learning How to Take Screenshot on a Mac (New MacBook Air)

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