How to Set Photo Upload Quality on WhatsApp

How to Set Photo Upload Quality on WhatsApp

How to Set Photo Upload Quality on WhatsApp

When transmitting photos, WhatsApp now allows you to specify a quality option. WhatsApp had a reputation for lowering photo quality before adding this function. However, you can now send photos in greater resolution. You can also decrease the resolution to conserve data or utilize the default compression option if you wish to.

This is how you use WhatsApp to activate this function.

How to Change the Photo Quality Setting

When it comes to media upload quality, WhatsApp gives you three alternatives. They are as follows:

1. An¬†Auto¬†option: WhatsApp’s default quality is the Auto setting. However, the uploaded photo is still compressed.

2. Best Quality: You can send a photo with the greatest possible resolution with this option.
3. Data Saver option: Reduces data usage by using a greater compression rate.

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and follow these instructions from the main screen to use a different upload quality:

1. On Android, pick Settings from the three dots in the top-right corner.

2. Tap Settings in the lower-right corner of your iPhone.
3. Go to the Storage and Data section.
4. Tap Photo upload quality at the bottom.
5. Auto is the default option. To always use the best media quality, select the Best quality. If you don’t mind a lower picture quality and want to save space, go for Data saver.

What Difference Does the Best Quality Make?

When you set WhatsApp to send the finest quality, you can expect to keep picture resolution. Even with this setting, however, there are resolution and size limitations.

Setting the best quality doesn’t mean sending the original full picture resolution. Instead, you’ll be limited to sending messages at the highest quality that WhatsApp allows.
Surprisingly, regardless of the setting, there isn’t much of a difference between resolution and size.

You may now send higher-quality photographs using WhatsApp’s new functionality. However, the easiest option to keep picture quality when transmitting them via WhatsApp is to save them as documents.

Can’t Find That Feature on Your WhatsApp?

If your WhatsApp is out of date, you may not see the option to change the media quality. The simplest approach to fix this problem is to see if WhatsApp is outdated and then upgrade it.

Open the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iPhone to determine if WhatsApp is up to date. Look for WhatsApp on the internet. If it’s not up to date, you’ll be prompted to do so.

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