How to Root Android 11 Using Magisk – Full Guide

How to Root Android 11 Using Magisk – Full Guide


  1. Unlockable bootloader Android 11
  2. Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  3. USB cable

Steps to Root Android 11 Using Magisk:

  1. Unlock Your Phone’s Bootloader of Android 11
  2. Then download the Android 11 Factory Images on Your Computer
  1. Extract the Boot Image from ZIP file
  1. Now move the Boot Image to Your Phone
  2. Install Magisk Manager Canary on Your Phone (Download the Latest Magisk Manager Canary (.apk))
  3. Patch the Boot Image with Magisk Manager
  4. Open Magisk Manager and Install
  1. Move the Patched Boot Image to Your Computer
  2. And Download Google’s Platform-Tools on Your Computer
  1. Extract the Platform-Tools ZIP
  1. Open a Prompt in the Platform-Tools Folder
  2. After that you have to type the following, but don’t hit enter yet:
  1. Now, press your spacebar once 
  2. Then drag the platform-tools folder from your desktop and drop it right on top of the command line window.

Put Your Phone into Bootloader Mode

  1. Connect to Your Computer through USB Data Cable
  2. Flash the Patched Boot Image
  3. Type the following command into the command-line tool
fastboot devices
  1. You should see your phone’s serial number.
  2. If you do, you can proceed. Input the following and press the spacebar once
fastboot flash boot
  1. Now you have to Drag the file of  “patched_magisk” IMG file from the file manager to the command-line tool, after that you have to drop it right on that window.
  2. Now you have to simply press enters to send the full command.
  1. After Input the following command to reboot back to Android:
fastboot reboot
  1. After that again, add “./” to the front if it doesn’t work the first time:
./fastboot reboot

Verify Root

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