How to reduce download times for Halo Infinite

How to reduce download times for Halo Infinite

We have Halo Infinite launch times for your timezone. Halo Infinite opens today globally, just a few hours away. Unfortunately, gamers will not be allowed to pre-install the campaign, which means the launch window will be clogged with hundreds – even millions – of players frantically trying to download the entire game before bedtime. The tips in this tutorial will help you dodge the rush and get Halo Infinite’s campaign downloaded as soon as possible. We also know how long Halo Infinite’s campaign will go.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about getting Halo Infinite downloaded quickly in the sections below. There are a few general recommendations here, as well as a few particular to Halo Infinite, to guarantee that you always download Xbox games swiftly.

How to reduce download times for Halo Infinite

Here are a few examples of how you may improve download speeds on your Xbox.

DNS configurations

You can change your DNS settings so that your system connects to a permanent server instead of searching for one every time it connects to the internet. As long as you’re connected to the appropriate server, this can improve connection stability and download speeds.

The DNS settings for your Xbox console can be found in the Network Settings menu. You’ll be able to manually enter DNS settings if you select Advanced Settings.

To get you started, here are two Google DNS server settings to try:

If either of these DNS servers gives you a lower ping than your usual automatic setting, go back to it or try another DNS server.

Reset your console

Sometimes all you need to do is reset your console. Even when idling on a menu screen, your Xbox runs many apps and processes in the background. Resetting your Xbox, as well as putting it in rest mode, will help you get through all of these and offer your Xbox a greater chance of focusing on downloading and installing games.

Suspend and quit all games

Your maximum download speed on your Xbox will be greatly limited if you have a game suspended in the background – or if you are playing one. Checking the progress on the Xbox app to see if your Xbox is downloading a game while in rest mode is honestly the best thing you can do while waiting for a game to download.

Download Halo Infinite ’s multiplayer in advance

For several weeks, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component has been available on console and PC, thrilling Halo fans and preparing everyone for the campaign’s arrival. The good news for multiplayer lovers is that it already includes numerous materials used in the campaign, so if you have the multiplayer, you’ve already downloaded a piece of the campaign.

If you haven’t already done so, download Halo Infinite’s multiplayer as soon as possible, and you’ll be in a better position to download the Halo Infinite campaign later today.

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