How to Recover Lost.Dir Files on Android

How to Recover Lost.Dir Files on Android

The reach of Android phones extends to all corners of the globe. They are affordable, easy to use and, above all, have a flexible UI. There are some things that Android users don’t know about Android phones, such as the Secret Android codes. We need to be able to comprehend the vast world of Android. This guide will explain what Lost.Dir is and How to Recover Lost.Dir Files on Android.

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What’s the Lost.Dir Folder on my Android Phone?

Android phones are full of unnecessary App Data and App Cache that many users mistakenly place the Lost.Dir directory in the same category. The Lost.Dir folder in your Android phone’s Android phone is actually for your own safety. You may have experienced those times when your phone’s SD/external USB is suddenly disconnected from your phone. If the Lost.Dir folder wasn’t there, such incidents could result in data loss. Files that are at risk of being deleted in such situations will be saved to the Lost.Dir directory so the user can retrieve their data. You might not know that your Android phone can help you in many different ways. The Lost.Dir folder is just one example. Do you want to know how to recover Lost.Dir files from your Android phone? This guide will help you learn more.

How to Recover Lost.Dir Files on Android

The Lost.Dir folder acts like a recycle bin for Android devices that are automatically created by the system. It is important to learn how to recover data from this folder. These are the steps you need to follow in order to recover Lost.Dir Files.

  1. Connect your SD card/USB to the Lost.Dir folder. An SD card reader can be used to connect your SD cards to your computer. Use a USB cable to link the folder to your computer if it is stored on your Android smartphone.
  2. Search File Explorer’ from the Start Menu.
  3. Start the File Explorer.
  4. Locate the Lost.Dir folder on the storage device you have connected to the computer. Open it.
  5. Right-click on the Lost.Dir folder that needs to be restored.
  6. Select and ‘Rename’.
  7. Rename the file and add the appropriate extension to the end. Add .jpg’ to an image file or .mp4′ to a video file. Different file types can be saved with different extensions.

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