How to Record Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy S7

How to Record Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung is a well-known brand in the mobile market and they also released the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S9 in 2016, 2017, and 2018. But you may be surprised that none of the phones has an inbuilt call recorder feature. Some people prefer recording while making or receiving phone calls. It is also beneficial for you to record if you short memory and easily forget things. If you looked at other Android phones that are released in recent times, have a call recorder built-in that can be enabled within the call options. Don’t panic if you don’t have this option in your Samsung phone because here I will guide you step by step: How to Record Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S8+, S9, and S9+.

Note: This method only works in Root Android phone, if your phone is not rooted then check this: how to root on Android and install magisk


  • Root and Magisk
  • Android 8.0 Oreo or Android 9.0 Pie

How to Record Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy S7

1.     First of all you need to Launch “Magisk Manager” from the app drawer of your Samsung Phone.
2.     Then go to the app main screen, swipe right to show the menu, and then select “downloads” from the options.
3.     When you reach the download then search for this module: Axet’s Call Recorder.
4.       Install it. Reboot the phone to enable it.
5.       You will see a new app called “Call Recorder” in the app drawer and tap on it to open it.
6.       After you need to tap the menu button which you find at the top-right corner and select “Settings” from the options.
7.       You can change the storage path, recording source, sample rate (48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz, 22kHz e.t.c), encoding (mp3, flac, aac, wav, 3gp, m4a, ogg), mode (stereo or mono), and name format in the settings panel of the call recorder appHow to Record Phone Calls on Samsung Galaxy S7

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