How to Overwatch 2 Freezing Issue [Solved]

Overwatch 2 is a fun update to the Overwatch game that we have come to enjoy. It’s an updated version of the game’s proprietary engine and introduces some problems. One gamer informed that they are experiencing excessive amounts of freezing during their games. This could be because of the following factors and solutions about How to Overwatch 2 Freezing Issue [Solved] listed below:

  • Your graphics driver could be out of date.
  • The game’s files could be damaged.
  • Your GPU may cause problems when it is overclocked.
  • The settings in the game could be turned up to an excessive-degree.
  • The system’s files could be damaged.

Once we have identified the source of the problem, we are able to look for possible solutions to fix Overwatch 2 freezing problem.

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How to Overwatch 2 Freezing Issue [Solved]

How to Overwatch 2 Freezing Issue [Solved]

Verify Game Files

The most effective method to fix the Overwatch 2 freezing problem is to test the integrity of the game’s files by using client. In order to do this, you’ll need to comply with these instructions.

  • Start your client and go into the Games section.
  • Select Overwatch 2.
  • Choose the gear just to the left icon for the game.
  • Then select Scan and repair.
  • Wait until the game has been scanned. If there is any problem in the game’s files, they’ll be fixed automatically.

Adjust the Resolution of your render and Actual Resolution

If the resolution of your game or rendering method is set at an unjustifiably high, this could be the reason why Overwatch 2 is freezing. This can be solved by changing the settings in the game to a lower or less graphically intensive-setting. It can be helpful by reducing the settings like antialiasing and shadow quality to a level that your computer is used to.

Update Graphics Drivers

It’s totally likely that your drivers haven’t been updated in a while time, which causes Overwatch 2 to freeze. To resolve this problem time, it is recommended you update or reinstall the game’s drivers. This program called the Display Driver Uninstaller will help in solving this problem.

  • To remove the driver start by going into the Display Driver Uninstaller.
  • Once the drivers have been installed After installing the drivers, you have to start in safe mode.
  • Then, open the Downloads folder, and right-click on the DDU extraction
    Folder, then extract the file.
  • Then, go to the DDU app, or the Device Type select the Device Type, then choose the vendor.
  • After that, select clean and then restart.
  • Visit the website of the GPU manufacturer.
  • Enter the model of your graphics card as well as download and install the driver.
  • Try resetting the computer and see whether the problem has been resolved.


Since the issue may be a software problem or an issue with performance There are a large number of solutions to this problem, which include:

  • Closing the background task.
  • The priority of the game is to be high within the manager of tasks.
  • Checking the system’s file status.

This is all you should know about the How to Overwatch 2 Freezing Issue.

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