How to Move Fortnite to Another Drive, Folder or PC

How to Move Fortnite to Another Drive, Folder or PC

If you game lover or looking to install the Fortnite game, we guide you here step by step, How to Install Fortnite on PC, or How to Move Fortnite to Another Drive, Folder, or PC.

Game player of PC loves Fortnite and it is also one of the three currently popular battle royal games. There many similar games Like PUBG and Apex Legends, but it has its own loyal player base that’s invested hours and hours of gameplay. Like other popular games, this also offers paid items in the game.

Step 1: Back Up Your Fortnite Folder

1. As you know Fortnite installs in the C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite by default and you need to make a backup copy of your Fortnite folder. To backup Right-click the “Fortnite” folder and select “Copy” to copy it to your clipboard.
2. Then the backup folder Fortnite which you copy, then paste into another location of your PC where you can find it easily.
3. If you want to install this game on another PC then paste the Fortnite folder onto an external USB drive.
4. Make sure that don’t copy-paste the backup folder where you want to install the game instead of that you have to copy-paste it in the temporary folder.
5. Then wait for the completion of copy-paste process.

Step 2: Uninstall Fortnite

1. Now you have to uninstall Fortnite from your PC and for that open the Epic Games Launcher application.
2. Then click on the Settings gear on the Fortnite thumbnail, and select “Uninstall.” Then confirm it to uninstall.

Step 3: Start Installing Fortnite to the New Location

  1. Go to your Epic Games Launcher application, then select your Library, and after that click the “Install” button for Fortnite.
  2. In case of moving the game to another PC then download and install the Epic Games Launcher and then sign with your account in Fortnite.
  3. Select the folder where you want to install the game then click on the “Install” button, or you can also go with the default folder.
  4. You may receive errors, so please make sure to select an empty folder here. Don’t select the existing Fortnite folder.

Step 4: Cancel the Download and Close the Launcher

  1. When you open the Epic Games Launcher on your PC then it will begin downloading Fortnite.
  2. After that Wait for the “Initializing” process to complete. And then click on “X” under Fortnite and cancel the download.
  3. Now Close the Epic Games Launcher window

Step 5: Move Your Fortnite Backup to the New Download Location

  1. You find an empty Fortnite folder to D:\Epic Games\Fortnite if you started installing.
  2. After finding the Fortnite folder, you need to move the Fortnite backup folder to D:\Epic Games.
  3. It will also be starting to merge with the contents of the new Fortnite folder.
  4. While moving the file you can see the option, but you have to click on “Replace the files in the destination.”

Step 6: Restart the Launcher and Continue the Installation

  1. Once again open the Epic Game Launcher and click on the “Resume” button
  2. Then it will verify all files which you can see in the progress bar.
  3. The problem may occur when the status will change to “Downloading,” but don’t worry it just would be downloading of replacements for any missing, outdated, or corrupted files.
  4. After that you all done, now play and enjoy the game.

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