How to Make Unlimited Money with Google Opinion Rewards Hack

How to Make Unlimited Money with Google Opinion Rewards Hack

Are you want to earn money online? the answer will be “yes”. It possible through the Google Opinion Rewards app, and I will guide you step by step about Google Opinion Rewards Hack. you can also spend that money on buying apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books for free on Google Play.

You can earn by watching videos on that app and it also provides paid surveys. Then cash will transfer to your Google account every time you complete a brief survey.

How Does Google Opinion Rewards Work?

  • First of download Google Opinion Rewards for Android | iPhone
  • Once it downloads then install it on your device and open it
  • Then you need to sign in to your usual Google account.
  • After you receive a preliminary “test” survey, it will help you understand your part in this mutually beneficial relationship and partially establish your demographic.
  • The surveys of this app are mostly based on recent shopping experiences. You can answers those questions easily if you have been shopping.
  • Almost every survey takes 10 seconds or some time more to complete, then it added to your account.
  • Select Google Pay Balance as your payment source in Play Store and then you are ready to buy.

Google Opinion Rewards Hack:

  • You can earn more rewards by enabling location on your smartphone because many surveys from Google Opinion Rewards relate to your recent journeys.
  • To enable location, go to your device Settings and then Lock screen & security, scrolling to Privacy, and selecting Location.
  • After enabling the location then go to Advanced and confirm Google Location Accuracy to On.
  • Keep your app-to-date to earn more reward and for that go to settings and then Tap General then Auto-update apps and also Use Over Wi-Fi only because it will provide the best results.
  • This app also has a video option, so you can increase earning by watching videos on the Google Opinion reward app.

Extra tips to earn more:

  • Check the app regularly and also enabled notifications so you will never miss any rewards.
  • If you want to get more surveys then respond to surveys promptly.
  • Be female on the app because women do shop regularly and spend high costs and it gets more opportunities for generating rewards with the Google Reward Opinions.
  • Finally, tell the truth because fake questions are easy to spot and it will make trouble and less earning. App also has the filter option to detect fake answers

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