How to Level Up in PUBG Mobile Lite for Free Rewards

How to Level Up in PUBG Mobile Lite for Free Rewards

How to Level Up in PUBG Mobile Lite for Free Rewards

The popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile has been reduced into PUBG Mobile Lite. It was created largely to meet the needs of low-end device users who wanted to experience the excitement of battle royale without the lags that plagued the game’s superior cousin.

The game’s Lite version has gained popularity as a result of its optimized gameplay and graphics, which can be readily operated on low-end devices. The game’s popularity has increased to the point where PUBG Mobile Lite gamers in India (where the game is illegal) have gone to social media to demand that Krafton release BGMI Lite.

Ways to Level Up in PUBG Mobile Lite for Free Rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite, like other video games, offers awards to its players to assist them to improve their gameplay experience. Here are some of the numerous ways to level up your in-game IDs and win free goodies in the game.

1) Grind on a regular basis.

Grinding in the game on a daily basis can help you level up faster in PUBG Mobile Lite. More gaming time equals more XP earned, which helps gamers level up their in-game IDs. Regularly playing helps players improve their skill sets, which helps them win ‘Chicken Dinners.’

2) Play more TDM and Arcade mode matches

PUBG Mobile Lite users can enjoy Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Arcade variants in addition to Battle Royale Classic mode matches. Both of these modes aid in the accumulation of XP, making it simple to level up and get free level rewards.

TDM and Arena Mode battles last about eight to ten minutes. And can be played while waiting for teammates in the lobby or while you’re bored.

3) Complete daily and weekly missions

In PUBG Mobile Lite, daily and weekly missions contain XP points and Winner Pass points. Which may be earned by completing the missions. While daily missions only need a couple of matches. Weekly tasks can be found in the. WP area and require users to play for the entire week in order to complete.

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