How to Install Spotify on Linux

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Install Spotify on Linux

Spotify for Linux gives you immediate access to millions of music that you can listen to on any Linux machine, including Ubuntu Linux. Spotify allows you to discover new music, listen to your favorite songs, and create playlists in any genre or mood.

The Spotify client, unlike those for Windows and macOS, may not have the same level of support. Linux users can install the client, but they are responsible for maintaining it and resolving any issues that arise. Linux users, especially Ubuntu users, will be responsible for managing and supporting the client.

Keep in mind that Linux users might not have the most recent client version, so keep that in mind when installing Spotify.

Follow the below steps:

To get started installing Spotify on Ubuntu Linux.

Install Spotify on Ubuntu Linux

The procedure of installing Spotify on Ubuntu Linux is relatively simple. The simplest approach to installing Spotify on Ubuntu is to use Snap, as shown in the steps below.

Snaps are easy-to-create and-install containerized software bundles. They are apps that are packaged with all of their dependencies to operate. On all major Linux distributions from a single build, allowing for automatic updates and graceful rollbacks.

1. Run the commands below to install Spotify using Snap package management.

sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install spotify

2. When the installation is finished. You should see a notice similar to the below one:

spotify from Spotify✓ installed

3. Spotify should now be installed on Ubuntu. You may either type spotify in the terminal or click on the Spotify icon (Activities -> Spotify) to launch the Spotify client.

How to Install Spotify on Linux

4. You can use your existing account or create a new one to begin listening to your songs that are your favorite or like to listen to.

How to Install Spotify on Linux

5. Your done, if you have any questions or suggestions let us know by comment.

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