How to Install Fortnite on PC (Windows 10)

If you game lover or looking to install the Fortnite game, we guide you here step by step, How to Install Fortnite on PC.

Game player of PC loves Fortnite and it is also one of the three currently popular battle royal games. There many similar games Like PUBG and Apex Legends, but it has its own loyal player base that’s invested hours and hours of gameplay. Like other popular games, this also offers paid items in the game.

How to Install Fortnite on PC (Windows 10)

You won’t find Fortnite in the Microsoft Store. But if you want to play in your Windows 10 system, you have to download the game from the official Fortnite page.

1. First of all, click on this “Download the Epic Games installer
2. If downloading of the game does not start then click on “Windows.”
3. Maybe it asks where to save, then just where want or where you can easily find it.
4. After that, you have to run the MSI file on your PC, and then choose where you want to install it.
5. While running the MSI file, maybe it asking for permission to make changes to your computer, then click “Yes.”
6. When the Epic Games app has been installed in your Windows, then run it and look for Fortnight.
7. You can find the Fortnight page in Epic Game launcher by searching for it in the “Store” tab.
8. After that Click Get to install the app on your PC.
9. It needs 90GB of space to install.How to Install Fortnite on PC (Window 10)How to Install Fortnite on PC (Window 10)How to Install Fortnite on PC (Window 10)How to Install Fortnite on PC (Window 10)

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