How to Install Flour Mill in Harvestella

Do you want to know how to set up Flour Mill inside Harvestella? The newest version from the legendary Square Enix studio called Harvestella blends two of the most popular genres: role-playing and life simulation. So, in addition to fighting monsters, clearing out dungeons, and fighting evil in the world it is necessary to cultivate, and enhance your farming abilities. For this, you’ll need to design and build a number of tools, including using the Hammer and a variety of efficient mechanisms, among that is that of the Flour Mill. With this Flour Mill, you can grind wheat into flour to create delicious food items. This guide helps you with How to Install Flour Mill in Harvestella

How to Install Flour Mill in Harvestella

How to Install Flour Mill in Harvestella

As we mentioned previously, The Flour Mill grinds Wheat into Flour. In order to do this you need to put 3 Stellar wheat into the Flour Mill at night You will then get one Flour when you wake up in the morning. Although it’s an easy process It’s still one of the methods to cultivate Grilla and for each Flour you buy, you’ll make 180 Grilla.

Before you start an agricultural farm for processing wheat it is necessary to put in a little. To begin you have to open your Flour Mill. In order to unlock the Flour Mill you have to finish three Fire Faerie Orders. Then, you’ll be given your Flour Mill recipe. Then, you’ll have to gather the following crafting supplies:

  • 2x Lumber
  • 2x Rusty material

After you have all the materials take them home and utilize the workbench. Choose your Flour Mill recipe from the left-hand side of the screen, and click to make it. In order to create Flour Mill, you will need to dedicate 40 minutes to the game So make sure there aren’t any short-lived events within your game at this time.

After about 40 minutes, you will get the highly sought-after item and will be able to install the Flour Mill in Harvestella. You can spawn multiple Flour Mills at once and farm Grilla more quickly. But, you could take the opposite route and earn your money not based on the amount but rather on the quality of the items. As we mentioned at the start, it is possible to prepare exquisite and expensive meals using flour. Selling meals can make you more money than Flour and here are some recipes you can try:

  • King Cake
  • Mont Blanc
  • Vegetable Muffin
  • Picnic Sandwich
  • Lethe Breakfast
  • Lantern Pumpkin Gratin

Harvestellais is now accessible for Windows PC as well as Nintendo Switch.

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