How to Install Android 13 on Google Pixel

How to Install Android 13 on Google Pixel

In contrast to the previous Android operating system released, Google launched its new Android 13 Beta OS on Google Pixel smartphones. Google has released the latest Android OS for Google Pixel 4, 4XL, 4a, 4a (5G) 5 5 6, and 6 Pro. If you’d like to test the brand new Android 13 Beta on your phone, here’s an easy guide on How to Install Android 13 on Google Pixel.

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How to Install Android 13 on Google Pixel

Before you begin the installation process to install Android 13 Beta on your Google Pixel it is essential to make a backup of the data you have stored on the device. It is also necessary to have a computer in case your Bootloader isn’t unlocked because it is a beta version with a lot of bugs that could impact your data. After taking a backup, you will need to follow these easy instructions to download the Beta version of Android 13.

  1. The first step is to first install first the ADB and SDK tools on your personal computer.
  2. Get the Android 13 beta OTA file for the model you have from our tutorial for what to do to download the Android 13 beta onto your PC.
  3. Once you have downloaded the file, either copies it or relocate your file into the folder where you have installed the ADB or to an easily-accessible folder.
  4. On your, Google Pixel phone, go into Settings, About Phone, and then Tap the build number seven times to turn on ” Developer Option”.
  5. Shut down your phone, then hit the Power button and Volume down button to access the bootloader menu. Navigate through the Reboot Recovery option by pressing the Volume button.
  6. You can accomplish this via your computer by using the Command Prompt and typing ” ADB reboot bootloader” (Without quotes).
  7. You’ll be able to see the ” No command” on your screen.
  8. Hold the Power button and the Volume Up button for about a second to go into Recovery Mode.
  9. Utilize the Volume Button to scroll down, choose ” Apply Update from ADB” and then choose the option by pressing the Power Button.
  10. Access the easy access file or the file’s location in which you saved that OTA file. Then, open the SDK tool. Enter CMD into the search bar to launch Command Prompt.
  11. On the Command Prompt, you need to enter ADB devices to determine if you’re Google Pixel phone is successfully connected to your computer.
  12. After checking After that, enter Adb sideload .zip and then press enter. This will install the latest Android 13 beta version on your Google Pixel Phone.

When your phone is restarted then the brand new Android 13 Beta will be installed and you are able to play around with the brand new OS.

# How to Install Android 13 on Google Pixel

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