How to Get Unlimited Free Space on Dropbox Google Drive and One Drive

How to Get Unlimited Free Space on Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive

How to Get Unlimited Free Space on Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive

Most cloud storage and sync services offer free storage, albeit the amount varies from one to the next. These “basic plans,” as they are commonly known, are designed to give you a sample of what their services are all about, or a taste of the cookie, which you may need to buy more of if you finish it all. Normally, once the free storage space allotted to you has been used up, you would have to subscribe for more storage space, but there are ways to gain additional storage space for free without having to pay a thing. Here are some pointers for some of the most widely used systems.

How to get free storage on Dropbox

To begin with, Dropbox’s basic subscribers, also known as the free plan, do not have as much storage as other well-known organizations. You get 2GB of free storage space, which isn’t too difficult to use if you’re the sort that is always updating work, projects, and other stuff. There are a few options for increasing your free storage quota, including:

Completing your get-started tour: This will net you around 250MB.

Connect your Facebook profile: You will receive 125MB as a result of this.

Add your Twitter account: You’ll get an extra 125MB.

Follow Dropbox on Twitter: Like the others, this one gives you 125MB of storage space, but only once you’ve linked your Twitter account.

Give Dropbox feedback: You can also obtain 125MB by providing Dropbox with service feedback.

Complete Dropbox surveys: Dropbox conducts surveys on a regular basis and rewards you with free storage space if you complete them.

Refer Friends to Dropbox: If a buddy you referred registers through you, you’ll get 500MB. The amount of free storage space you can get is capped at 16GB when you’re on a free plan, and 32GB when you’re on a subscription plan with 1GB for every person you refer.

How to get free storage space on Google Drive

Google Drive, on the other hand, is arguably extremely liberal with the amount of free storage it provides on its basic platform. It provides consumers with 15GB of free storage space, which may be expanded using some of the recommendations we’ll provide.

Participating in Google Drive promotions: Google runs promotions from time to time where you may get extra free storage in exchange for helping them improve their services.

Purchase of specific gadgets: Google offers free storage space with several Google Chromebooks and a number of other products. So keep an eye out for those as well.

Contributing to Google Map as a local guide: At some time, Google will award points to anyone who makes a significant contribution to enhancing the accuracy of Google Map. These points can be exchanged for up to 2TB of storage space.

How to get free storage on OneDrive

Along with Google Drive, OneDrive is one of the few cloud storage platforms that provides a significant amount of free storage space. Microsoft’s cloud storage platform is built into the most recent version of Windows, and it comes with 15GB of free storage (formerly called SkyDrive). By following a few simple steps, you can add even more to this.

Referrals: With 500MB each person that registers through your link, you might easily earn more out of your free storage. However, you can only obtain 5GB of storage through this, after which any additional referrals aren’t counted.

Participating in a Microsoft campaign: Microsoft runs campaigns on a regular basis where you can get free space to participate. Subscribing to the OneDrive newsletter or visiting their blogs will keep you up to date on these campaigns.

Buying Microsoft products: Buying a Surface device, for example, provides you around 200GB of free storage space for two years, but it does not add to your free storage space when you buy another. Instead, the time period has been extended, giving you an extra four years, or 200GB for four years.

Office 365 Subscription: A subscription to Office 365 adds 1024GB of cloud storage to your OneDrive free space.

# How to Get Unlimited Free Space on Dropbox Google Drive and One Drive

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