How to get Spider-Man's web-shooters in Fortnite

How to get Spider-Man’s web-shooters in Fortnite

How to get Spider-Man's web-shooters in Fortnite

How to get Spider-Man’s web-shooters in Fortnite

The web-shooters from Spider-Man have arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3, and they’re one of the best ways to navigate about the area, escape a firefight, or just fly a few dozen meters into the air.

Because Spider-web Man’s shooters are a new mythological item, they’re a little harder to come by. We’ve done all the web-slinging and shooting for you to find the finest places to find web-shooters, so you don’t have to.

We’ve also spent enough time with the web-shooters to have a strong understanding of how to use them in combat and while exploring the map.

Web shooter locations in Fortnite: Where to find Spider-Man’s backpacks

Spider-web Man’s shooters can be found in the web-own slinger’s backpacks.

If you’ve ever played Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 or PS5, you’ll recall Peter Parker stashing a ridiculous quantity of backpacks around New York City (the in-universe explanation is that he won “a year’s supply of backpacks,” which is just silly enough to sound true).

And stashing trinkets inside. He’s got the web-shooters in Fortnite, as well as some random basic items like a weapon, ammo, and building materials.

It’s worth noting that these backpacks have a 90% spawn rate for web-shooters, and there are two versions: one with infinite shots and one with only 80 total shots.

Thanks to a great guide published by HypeX, here’s where you can discover spiderwebs on the Fortnite map.

How to use Spider-Man’s web shooters in Fortnite

Spider-web Man’s shooters are without a doubt one of the most intriguing additions to Fortnite in recent years.

They’re not only useful for traversing, but they’re also ridiculously entertaining to use—even more so than the witch broom from Fortnitemares.

As previously stated, there are two types of web-shooters: one with endless ammo and one with only 80 shots.

When you equip the Web-Shooters, you’ll see a four-segmented reticle in the center of your screen.

In a similar fashion to the PS4 Spider-Man game, aim at any solid object (including animals and cars) to grab onto it and be thrown forward to swing.

You’ll more or less keep swinging as long as you keep landing web shots on items. Your recharge bar will only start fully until you touch the ground (typically because you wind up in a flat stretch of terrain with nothing to hold onto). You’ll have to wait around five seconds to fully recharge after shooting a few web ropes. Fewer shots mean less time to recharge.

Landing on the ground after a web swing, thankfully, does not do any injury. You’d be deader than the spiders that creep around my shower if it did.

# How to get Spider-Man’s web-shooters in Fortnite

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