How To Get Pandaemonium Gear In Final Fantasy XIV

How To Get Pandaemonium Gear In Final Fantasy XIV

How To Get Pandaemonium Gear In Final Fantasy XIV

With Final Fantasy XIV’s growing popularity, an increasing number of players are tuning in to take part in various raids. With the impending Heavensturn update, many FFXIV players throughout the world are looking forward to the next raid tier. If you want to prepare for the next tier of raids, you can earn the standard Pandaemonium raid gear from the previous raid tiers first to gain an advantage.

In Final Fantasy XIV, here’s how to earn the Pandaemonium raid gear.


When you complete one of the Pandaemonium raids, you’ll receive eight pieces of loot, each of which corresponds to a distinct set of raid gear. These items are referred to as “unsung gear.”

You can only obtain one item of unsung gear every week from each level of the raid. There are now four stages in the game, which means you can only purchase four items of unsung gear per week.

You must travel to Radz-at-Han and speak with the Pandaemonium relic exchange vendor once you have the requisite parts of your unsung gear. After that, you may choose which raid class you want your raid gear for and trade in your unsung gear for the pieces you want.

The following are the pricing for all of the Pandaemonium relic exchange vendor’s items:

  • Headwear – 2 pieces
  • Chestplate – 4 pieces
  • Bracers – 2 pieces
  • Pants – 4 pieces
  • Boots – 2 pieces
  • Accessory – 1 piece

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# How To Get Pandaemonium Gear In Final Fantasy XIV

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