How to Fix Zoom Error Code 100000502

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 100000502

Zoom is definitely one of the top online video conferencing applications. Although being the most effective application doesn’t mean there aren’t any problem with it. Zoom is also plagued by different error codes which occur periodically on Windows PCs and mobile phones. It is the Zoom Error Code 100000502 could be one such example. So, in this guide we will you with How to Fix Zoom Error Code 100000502

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How to Fix Zoom Error Code 100000502

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 100000502

This error message 100000502 in Zoom typically occurs when there are connectivity issues with the server that is running the application. But, this error isn’t permanent, so you shouldn’t be worried about it constantly since it only occurs when there’s something wrong in the request to connect to the internet made by your application.

Here are a few simple solutions to resolve this Zoom Error Code 100000502 one time and for all time on your Windows PC:

Checkout below things to Fix Zoom Error Code 100000502

  • Make sure your internet connection has been stable. If not , you’ll get the exact Zoom error message.
  • Try disabling Antivirus software that could block Zoom. Zoom application.
  • If there are several versions of web-based conferencing software similar to the one you have running on your computer for example, Microsoft Teams or Skype, first try closing them first , and then start Zoom.
  • Verify the Firewall and Proxy settings, and confirm you are able to access Zoom does not block the access of your system.
  • Then, uninstall and reinstall the Zoom application to see whether this resolves the error message you’re getting.

Restart Your PC

The best way to resolve any temporary issues that arise in problems with the Zoom program is to reboot your computer. It is possible to restart your computer following the steps below:

  • First, click the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • Then, click then the Power icon.
  • Then, choose then the Restart option. When your computer has restarted after which you can try to open the Zoom application once more and check if it solves the issue.

Restart Zoom Application

If you are experiencing issues following a reboot of your computer, you can solve the Zoom error code 100000502 through restarting the application itself. Here’s the easy way for restarting Zoom:

  • To begin, use your Ctrl plus Shift and Esc keys on your keyboard, then launch Task Manager.
  • Find the Zoom application and click on it with a right-click.
  • Select the option to End Task.
  • Then, open the Zoom application once more and see whether you’re getting the same error or not.

# How to Fix Zoom Error Code 100000502

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