How to Fix Xbox Series X Blu-Ray Player Issues

How to Fix Xbox Series X Blu-Ray Player Issues

Although the Xbox Series X can officially play 4K Blu-ray, many console owners are reporting that Microsoft’s next-gen console does not work properly or is noisy when in use. Let’s take a look at what’s causing the Xbox Series X Blu-Ray player to malfunction and how to fix it. #How to Fix Xbox Series X Blu-Ray Player Issues

How to Fix Xbox Series X Blu-Ray Player Issues

Many Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners pointed out on Reddit that a 4K Blu-Ray player is having major issues, claiming that Microsoft has so far ignored the issues and that the Blu-Ray app is “in desperate need of an update.”

Aside from that, the same post is full of gripes about how noisy the Xbox Series X/S drive can be when playing 4K Blu-Ray. The reports on the more serious issues are mixed. In any case, some users have suggested a few workarounds to fix the Xbox Series X/S Blu-Ray player issues for the time being, which you can find below.


  • Instead of holding the Xbox Series X upright, turn it on its side. Many users have reported that turning the console horizontal solved the noise problem for them, so give it a shot.
  • Another option is to go into your Blu-Ray settings and disable Persistent Storage.
  • Moving the Blu-Ray app to the internal drive before inserting the disc is the next workaround.
  • If nothing else works, you can try contacting Microsoft Support, as it’s possible that your disk drive’s laser is broken.

Tips to fix the Blu-Ray player issues:

  • First and foremost, check to see if the disc is clean and free of defects.
  • Attempt to play the same disc on a different console, such as the PS4 or Xbox One. Alternatively, try playing it on a different Blu-Ray player to see if it works. This will resolve any disc-related issues.
  • You must also ensure that the Blu-Ray player app has been successfully installed on your Xbox Series X/S.
  • Ascertain that the DVD or Blu-Ray you’ve purchased is from the same region as your Xbox Series X/S.
  • You could also try replacing the disc.
  • If none of the above solutions worked, try requesting a repair for your Xbox Series X/S console, as it may require one.

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