How to fix Warzone error code 48: “Download failed” bug

How to fix Warzone error code 48: “Download failed” bug

Warzone players are unsuccessful in logging into their accounts after they were hit with “Error code 48” which informs them that “download was unsuccessful.” The solution is to try several solutions you could try to get around Error Code 48 in order to return to Caldera as well as Rebirth Island. #How to fix Warzone error code 48: “Download failed” bug

Warzone has been plagued by many game-breaking glitches and bugs in the past as well. Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is the same. Regular updates, like the patch of April 6 have been able to fix a few issues, but there are still lingering problems that players are running through.

Another issue from the past has returned with its form as “error code 48.” It is believed that this error could be due to your console not being aware of the fact that there’s a brand new Warzone update that you can download.

While there isn’t a 100% guaranteed fix Here are some solutions to resolve Warzone’s error code 48.

How to fix Warzone error code 48: “Download failed” bug

How do I solve Warzone error 48 PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC

Although there’s not a definitive solution to fix the error code 48 in Warzone players have suggested some solutions, which range from basic to severe.

Here are all the options we recommend taking a look at:

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to “Go Offline”, then reconnect to the internet
  2. Check Warzone for updates
  3. Restart your console or computer.
  4. Reinstall Warzone, then uninstall and install Warzone

Turn Offline, after which you can go back Online again

The most effective way to fix Warzone’s problem with error 48, is to follow the instructions in the game to “Go offline. After that, when you return to the internet the update will begin downloading and you’ll be able to play once you’ve completed it.

Check Warzone for updates

If you are unable to get Offline to work it is recommended to check for Updates. This can be done with any console or PC by clicking Options above Modern Warfare/Warzone and clicking on ‘Check For Updates. This may cause your system to detect that there’s a brand new Warzone update.

You can restart your console computer

Another option is to shut down your computer or console, then restart it. This could resolve any issues that prevent your system from acknowledging the updated Warzone update.

Uninstall and then install Warzone

Then, you can remove Warzone If the error code persists. We don’t recommend this because depending on your internet connection, it may take several hours to download again. If you’re total without alternatives then this is the best way to proceed.

Error 48 is just one of the errors that have been a problem for Warzone previously, including an error code that reads “Content Package is not available anymore” bug as well as that status Goldflake error stopping players from falling into Caldera.

Image Credits: Activision / Twitter: Nokocitys

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