How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Error Code ID: 5/10004

How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Error Code ID: 5/10004

How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Error Code ID: 5/10004

Many Tower of Fantasy players report error 5 and are unable to participate in the game. This error is displayed when you log in and could show as the Server Error message, followed by the code ID: 5/10004. The error shows to pop up without reason and does not appear to disappear by itself. Here’s How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Error Code ID: 5/10004

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How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Error Code ID: 5/10004

Verify the Connection to Your Internet Connection

It is possible that the game won’t be able to connect because the internet isn’t reliable enough. For this to be fixed try restarting your internet router and then check all of your connections and wires, or check the internet provider at least after confirming the speed of your connection and its stability using a reliable internet speed test.

Brute for force

Type in your login details repeatedly on the screen to log in. Error 5 is reported to be resolved many times just like this. Try it for about 10 minutes, to see if the issue is gone it is, and If not, read on.

Run it as Administrator

It’s possible that a firewall or some other restriction is preventing you from accessing Tower Of Fantasy. One surefire and straightforward method to get around this is to run Tower Of Fantasy As An Administrator. To perform this, just right-click the executable in the game and select run as administrator. Also, accept the pop-up message when you attempt to run the game.

Modify your DNS settings

DNS is the component of our network systems that allows us to communicate and interact with servers. You can fix your Tower of Fantasy Error 5 by changing your DNS address. In order to not overwhelm you with unnecessary nonsense, here is how you can do it:

  • Open your Settings.
  • Click on the Network & Internet option and continue.
  • Go to Change Adapter Options in the Advanced Network Settings.
  • You are likely to be at screen Network Connections screen.
  • Double-click the type of network you’ve got. Select properties and continue with the procedure.
  • Select Properties in the window that opens. Scroll through the list of options that appear and click your Internet Protocol Version 4 option.
  • Within Properties, this is where you’ll enter the DNS settings for alternate DNS. Select the DNS servers option, as shown in the picture below. Enter in the preferred DNS server.
  • Then you’ll have to enter in the designated area to access the alternate DNS server. Once you’re done with this, be sure to mark the box beside the settings that you want to validate upon the exit to save your work. After you’ve completed all of that, you can close the process by clicking OK.


It’s probable that some server error could be causing Error 5. Tower Of Fantasy. To alleviate the problems that this can cause it is recommended to use a VPN. ideal choice. If you choose to use the VPN the IP address will be altered. If the servers are not working it’s possible that the servers in the region that you changed your IP to might be operational and allowing players to participate in the games.

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