How to Fix Touch ID Not Working on Mac

How to Fix Touch ID Not Working on Mac

Touch ID is a trusted method to protect your Mac’s privacy. It can be used to instantly unlock your Mac, iTunes Store, and App Store. You won’t like your Touch ID not working on your Mac. Here’s How to Fix Touch ID Not Working on Mac. This guide will help you to resolve this problem quickly.

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Why is my Touch ID not working on my Mac?

There are many reasons why Touch ID may not work properly on your MacBook. Here are some:

  1. Use unclean fingers for Touch ID.
  2. Dirt/Dust can be found on the Touch ID.
  3. No fingerprint enrolled.
  4. Hardware-related issues.

These factors can lead to Touch ID malfunctioning on your Mac. Let us now show you how to fix any Touch ID issues.

How to Fix Touch ID Not Working on Mac

To resolve any issue with Touch ID on your MacBook, try the following methods:

Use a clean and dry finger to create a Touch ID

Although it’s a simple thing, many users might not know that Touch ID requires them to be completely clean. Your finger must be clean and free of any oil or dust before you can use the Touch ID. You should not use Touch ID with wet fingers.

Clean Touch ID

The Touch ID can become covered in dust particles, which could make it more difficult to use. Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the Touch ID. Try the next solution if it is not working.

To add a new fingerprint to the Touch ID for Mac,

You might have had some issues when you added your fingerprint to your Mac. It is better to add a new fingerprint. These steps will allow you to add a new fingerprint to your MacBook.

  1. The Apple icon is located in the upper left corner of your desktop.
  2. Select System Preferences > Contact ID > Add a fingerprint.
  3. Add another fingerprint to your Mac by entering your password.

Try this fingerprint on your MacBook. Try the next option if this doesn’t work.

Allow Touch ID to be used on MacBook

Sometimes, users add their fingerprints to their Mac’s but mistakenly disable that feature. These steps will fix the Touch ID on your Mac.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Contact ID on your Mac.
  2. Check if “Unlock your Mac” or “iTunes Store App Store & Apple Books” are turned on.

Only when these settings are enabled, the Touch ID will work on your Mac. Check if Touch ID is working.

Contact Apple

Apple may be the best place to contact if you have any issues with Touch ID on your Mac. Visit Apple’s Official Website to learn how they can help you.

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