How to Fix TikTok Crashing After iOS 16 Update

TikTok has been used by over 1 billion people around the globe. From different devices, including Android and iPhones. Apple’s iOS 16 update was just released. And TikTok iPhone users began reporting the bug that causes TikTok to crash whenever they open it. We’ll discuss all possible causes and solutions about How to Fix TikTok Crashing After iOS 16 Update.

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How to Fix TikTok Crashing After iOS 16 Update

How to Fix TikTok Crashing After iOS 16 Update

Official information is not available about the root cause of TikTok’s crash after the iOS 16 iPhone update. However, it is speculated that the new update is not compatible with TikTok. And that they may need to make some adjustments.

One theory being discussed among netizens is that the outage is forced by a server overload, crash, or other malfunction during maintenance. These are all assumptions. That could be incorrect when the official announcement is made. And, let’s take a loo at the possible solutions below.

Software Update

Apple might have introduced new updates even though you downloaded them recently. Apple keeps releasing new updates frequently. Follow these steps to update your iPhone’s firmware.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Select General and then choose Software update.

Keep up-to-date with the TikTok app

The app update could be the culprit if there is no software update. Many apps develop bugs and other issues as they age. It is always better to update the app first that is causing problems, before taking more drastic action.

  • Search for TikTok in your App Store. If an update is available you will see an option to update. You can click on it to update the TikTok App.

TikTok offloaded

Offload allows you to keep your data even after you uninstall the app. Here are the steps to offload TikTok.

  • Navigate to the Settings app, and then choose ” General“, scroll down and select ” iPhone Store“.
  • Scroll down
  • And select TikTok. And you’ll be taken to the details page.
  • You will see an ” Offload Application” button. Click on it to confirm your offload.
  • Wait for a while. And then a new option will be displayed in place of offload. Choose that option to reinstall the app.

If none of these options work. You may need to wait until the official announcement by Apple or TikTok.

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