How to Fix the Offline Mode Glitch in Multiversus

How to Fix the Offline Mode Glitch in Multiversus

How to Fix the Offline Mode Glitch in Multiversus

The beta patch notes have been released. Early access to the beta test will begin this week. Player First Games has made significant roster changes and added some important features. The Iron Giant, which is the game’s first “colossal” character, and a new level within Steven Universe’s Ancient Sky Arena, are some of the notable additions. Devs will add Local multiplayer to the open beta. This will allow up to four players to play in both free-for-all or team-based games. You can have encountered a problem, so let’s fix it. This is How to Fix the Offline Mode Glitch in Multiversus.

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How to Fix the Offline Mode Glitch in Multiversus

To fix the Offline Mode glitch Multiversus, all we have to do is delete a file. Below are the steps.

  1. In your Windows tab, search for %appdata%
  2. To get to AppData, you will need to close the Roaming folder that you are currently in.
  3. Saved by going to Local > Multiversus
  4. Remove the SaveGames folder
  5. Choose an older age when opening the game again.

Multiversus will then reset its files and the “stuck-in offline mode” glitch will disappear.

The Multiversus Open Beta is now open to all players. It officially begins on Tuesday, July 26th. On Tuesday, July 19, a one-week early access period begins. You can access the Multiversus early-access period in either of these two ways:

  • Participated in the closed alpha
  • You can gain entry through Twitch Drops

To receive a Twitch Drop for the game, you must first link your WB Games account with Twitch. You must watch 60 minutes worth of eligible Multiversus-streams within the week prior to the start of the open beta.

MultiVersus will be available in 2022 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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