How To Fix Roblox Error 279

How To Fix Roblox Error 279

As with every other game, Roblox has a fair number of glitches and mistakes. Roblox is developed by real users at the end of the day. If an error happens to show up in Roblox many times, there’s an error message that is followed, and in this problem, Error 279 is a result of the problem of connection. If you’re experiencing this problem right now then here’s How To Fix Roblox Error 279

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How To Fix Roblox Error 279

How To Fix Roblox Error 279

Check Roblox’s Server Status

Before you make any significant modifications regarding Roblox or your browser, or settings on your PC, make sure to ensure that your game’s online and running. It’s not unusual to find games such as Roblox to temporarily be down due to maintenance.

  1. Go to the official Roblox Roblox Status page.
  2. The User Player and Creator are different services. If the message is something other than “Operational,” then there are connection issues.

Disable Your Browser’s AdBlock Extension

The web browser’s AdBlock extension is extremely useful to block scripts, usually ones that are connected to advertisements. In rare instances, it can also block scripts that are running on the Roblox website, which must be connected to the site.

  1. Change the settings of your browser.
  2. Find a tab that refers to extensions for your browser.
  3. Find AdBlock, and disable it.
  4. Start Roblox and check your connection. If you still get the Error 279 message, you should disable AdBlock once more.

Reset Your Modem/Router

What happens if you check Roblox’s server’s status and it appears that it’s all good? If that’s the case it is possible that your modem is running several damaged temporary files that are causing problems with the internet connection.

  1. You must get permission from your parents.
  2. Find the power cable. Unplug it from the back of the router or modem, or disconnect the power cord away from the outlet.
  3. Take 60 seconds, then connect the power cables.

Reset Your Browser’s Cache and Update

Like the way that your router or modem may accumulate a lot of temp files, the browser could do similar. Similar to your modem or router, it may cause unintentional connections to fail.

  1. Set your browser’s preferences.
  2. Find a tab that refers to browser history.
  3. Choose the option to erase the history of your browser.
  4. You’ll be offered the opportunity for selecting which data to be removed. Make sure you mark your cache’s data.

Allow Roblox Through Your Firewall or Antivirus

The possibility is that Roblox is blocked by your computer’s anti-virus or firewall. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Roblox is a virus, however; even legitimate software requires access to your computer. If Roblox is blocked, it won’t allow a connection to be created and you’ll see error 279.

  1. Start your firewall on your computer and/or your antivirus settings.
  2. Look for a tab that identifies software that can be accessed.
  3. Find Roblox and grant it permission.

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