How To Fix Return To Monkey Island Crash On PC

The players reported the game as being black, stuttering, crashing, or even not running on their PCs. This problem does not happen on macOS and Nintendo Switch systems. Here’s a solution about How To Fix Return To Monkey Island Crash On PC

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What is the reason for the Return to Monkey Island Crashing

The crashes only show on Windows computers. This makes determining the source of the problem slightly more difficult. And the fix will be more straightforward than on other machines.

The problem is generated by the game’s launch being delayed. Low fps blackouts on screens, and other problems. Some users have even received errors like “Graphics Error E04447”. These may be the reasons for the problem:

  • Compatibility issues.
  • The game that’s out of date.
  • Older GPU drivers.
  • Installer’s error.
  • Antiviruses and firewalls.

We now know the reason this error is occurring We can explore ways to solve this problem.

How To Fix Return To Monkey Island Crash On PC

How To Fix Return To Monkey Island Crash On PC

Check the System Requirements

The next step to fix this Return To Monkey Island crash problem is to determine whether the game isn’t putting too much stress on your system, causing the game to crash and stutter.

The less expensive gaming hardware that runs the game in high resolution may be the reason for the problem. This is the minimum requirement set by Steam.

  • Intel Core i3 3240 or higher.
  • 8 gigabytes or more.
  • GeForce GT 640 and higher.
  • 4GB of free space.

Restart Your PC

Return to Monkey Island players reports that crashes go away after restarting their PC. There’s no harm in trying this fix. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll waste some time restarting your computer for nothing. The old practice of switching it off. And turning it on is popular-because for reasons.

Run The Game As An Administrator

There’s a chance that a firewall or other device prevents you from accessing the necessary game-related files. This could be solved by playing your games as an administrator. For this to be done, right-click the game icon and choose an option that allows you to option to run the game as an administrator option.

Exit Fullscreen Mode

Full-screen mode in Windows can be trouble; it may cause a mess in all settings for display in the system. If you are playing in windowed or Fullscreen mode, there’s the possibility you will find that Return To Monkey Island will cease to crash.

If the game is running on your computer, hold escape and select the settings. Find Windowed mode under the various tabs and settings, and select it. Those who aren’t able to play the game completely can follow this process.

  1. Click here to Steam.
  2. Open your Games Library.
  3. Find Return to Monkey Island.
  4. Right-click the game. And select a control option.
  5. Choose to select the option to Browse Local Files option.
  6. Double-click the Game’s file.
  7. And proceed to click the Properties to open the Properties button close to the top.
  8. Go to the tab for compatibility tab. And click on the option to disable fullscreen display.
  9. And restart your system to examine if the issue in the game has been resolved.

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