How To Fix PFP Not Getting Verified

Many people are having problems uploading their gamerpic to their Xbox profile. It will not allow you to change your profile photo to a custom one. It will not verify a photo that isn’t in compliance with the rules. You can upload a clean image, but it won’t work. If you have similar issues, this guide will help you How To Fix PFP Not Getting Verified.

How To Fix PFP Not Getting Verified

How To Fix PFP Not Getting Verified

We have you covered if you’ve uploaded a new photo to your PFP but it is still not getting verified after waiting many days. You will find different solutions to the Xbox PFP not being verified problem below.

Upload Custom Photo by Enabling Adult Account

  • Make sure your Microsoft account is set up to Adult. Custom images are only available for this account type.
  • After that, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • It will open a guide.
  • Navigate to Profile & System.
  • Next, select your profile and then click on My profile.
  • Next, click Customize profile.
  • Click on “Change gamerpic.”
  • Next, choose the option to upload a custom image.
  • Choose the photo to be used from your connected device.
  • To upload your image successfully, it must be at least 1080×1080 pixels
  • Click on Upload. After a verification, which may take between 2 and 5 minutes or up to two days, your PFP will change.

If the Xbox team finds your PFP offensive or custom image objectionable, it will not be verified. Here are some examples of offensive imagery that were reported to the official Xbox Website.

  • Content that harasses or harms others, such as references or terrorism or famous and controversial figures, is prohibited
  • Nu*ity and Se*ual Content
  • Refers to illegal drugs, controlled substances, or illegal activities
  • Illustrations of violence in real life or excessive violence and gore

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