How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3002

How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3002

Paramount Plus is a new streaming video application that is created in partnership with ViacomCBS Digital. It is accessible all over the globe and users love using this app to stream TV shows, Shows, Movies, and videos. But, there are some who may experience problems with video playback every time they stream through Paramount+. Paramount+ app. There are many solutions to fix these issues when playing back videos with Paramount Plus on all devices. In this article, we’ll discuss How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3002.

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How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3002

If you’re getting an error code 3002 when streaming video content through the Paramount Plus app, then there’s a simple solution to this. And click the OK button when you receive an error message. It will bring you back to the previous screen and resolve the problem. You can now try playing the movie again and see whether the problem has been resolved.

If the previous method didn’t work for you, try closing the Paramount Plus application on your device, then relaunch it again. The app will be refreshed. Follow the steps below to force closing this Paramount+ app on your device.

Method 1: How to force the Paramount Plus to stop

  • Click on your device’s Settings menu on your phone.
  • After that, you can go to the Applications menu.
  • Then, click Manage the Installed Applications.
  • Open the Paramount Plus app and then choose Force stop.

After having stopped the application, restart your device. When your device is up and running start the Paramount app and attempts to stream any video you want to determine if the issue is fixed.

Method 2: Restart your router and modem.

  • It is possible to shut off your modem and router for a few seconds.
  • After that, turn it on again, and try to establish your Internet connection.
  • Try to open the Paramount Plus app on your device and connect it to your modem and router again.
  • Then, try streaming any video content using the Paramount+ app and see whether the issue has been resolved.

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