How To Fix NFS Unbound Crashing on PC [SOLVED]

Need for Speed Unbound is receiving great reviews to date. Its popularity that is a huge plus, nobody expects it to be in trouble, as with any other software, it’s susceptible to mistakes. NFS Unbound players report the game crashes becoming increasingly frequent throughout the hour. The crash happens abruptly during the game, whether it’s either the primary menu or Story mode. When it happens, the game instantly closes without warning, completely erasing any saved progress you’ve completed. Here is the guide about How To Fix NFS Unbound Crashing on PC [SOLVED]

An update or fix for the game is likely to be available shortly, but in the meantime, you can try these solutions which have been successful for many players.

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How To Fix NFS Unbound Crashing on PC [SOLVED]

How To Fix NFS Unbound Crashing on PC [SOLVED]

Remove from the DX12 File

A lot of people have reported it is the DX12 file is the cause of NFS Unbound Crashing, and getting rid of it could fix the issue. Follow the steps below to accomplish this.

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Download DriverFix

Make sure to close your game’s engine as well as NFS Unbound, before proceeding further. Open the file manager and locate it in the Origin Game folder. Next, search for your NFS Unbound folder, and in the folder list Double-click the shader cache folder. There will be the PcDx12 file you’ll need to delete in there.

Once you’ve finished the process After that, go back to your Documents folder and then open it. Then, open the NFS Cache folder that is unbound. There’s also a Dx12 file, which you should delete it. Then, restart your computer then Need For Speed won’t crash and crash again.

Switch Game Client

A few users have stated the switch Origin Origin from the EA App solves problems with the NFS Unbound Crashing issue. In order to do this, remove Origin from the EA App and then start Origin. Origin.

It is important that your Steam, EA App, and Origin accounts are connected prior to you can uninstall EA App. This can be done by visiting their official websites and clicking on the “link other accounts” section.

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